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I have recently had an urge to delete all of my old things of deviantart, since I think they do not mirror my art of today. But then again I though that it might be a good thing to keep them anyways. Because when I see the  professionals of deviantart, and all the amazing work they do, I cannot feel but as if I suck. But if I had been able to see work they did earlier on in their progress, I think I would get more inspired, and feel as if their level of art is reachable. So. I am keeping all my old things, however ghastly some of them may be, because then my progress will be documented, and that is a pretty large thing on deviantart right?

And maybe my journey will inspire someone in the future, because I know that if I practise enough I can reach any goal with my art.

End of ramble...
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July 19, 2012


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